Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Register for a User Account

Don’t have an account yet? Get registered and look for a confirmation email.

Step 2: Create an API Access Key for Your Application

Each application (external program or system) accessing our API needs a key. One key is assigned per application and requests are made from My Account. Keys are issued 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday – Friday.

Step 3: Start Using the API

Interested in quickly trying out the API?
Sign in and then Try the APIs. Your API Access Key will be pre-loaded. You can also enter your API Access Key manually if you are logged out.

Need a framework or library for accessing the API?
Download our PHP SDK and follow the examples provided. We also have SDKs available in Python and Java.

Prefer to write your own API integration?
Read the API documentation to learn about the query, filtering, and sorting options.

Step 4: Track Your API Usage

A variety of reports are available to logged-in users via the My Account screen.