Data Fields Returned

The table below lists available metadata fields. Only populated fields will be returned so content may differ by publication.

Data Field Description
abstract Brief summary or statement of the contents of a journal article, conference paper, standard, book / book chapter, and/or course.
abstract_url IEEE Xplore URL that will return the abstract.
author_url IEEE Xplore URL that returns the author details. For more information please go to:
accessType accessType key:

'Open Access' - Freely available from IEEE.
'Ephemera' - Freely available from IEEE.
'Open Access'- Open Access.
'Locked'- Sign in or learn about subscription options.
'Plagarized'- Marked as a plagarized article.
article_number IEEE’s unique identifier for a specific article.
author_order Where multiple authors are listed, the author_order provides a number for each author.
author_terms Terms provided by the author which describe the topics or subjects of the document.
authors Name of the author(s) listed in the document. Author names are provided as full names along with their listed order.
affiliation Name of the affiliation listed in the document. Affiliation names are provided as full names along with their listed order.
citing_paper_count Number of papers citing the given article.
citing_patent_count Number of patents citing the given article.
conference_dates Date of conference event. Date format is not standardized and varies by conference.
conference_location Location of conference event (can be one or more city, state, country).
content_type Specifies what kind of publication the content is from. Content type can include:

Books / ebooks
Early Access
d-au Open Author Facet
doi The Digital Object Identifier (doi) is the unique identifier assigned to an article / document by CrossRef.
d-publisher Open Publisher's Facet
d-pubtype Open Content Type Facet
d-year Open Publication Facet
end_page The final page number in the print version of the article.
facet Open/Facet dimension
full_name The full name of an author.
html_url IEEE Xplore URL that will return the full-text HTML.
index_terms This is a combined field which returns Author Keywords and IEEE Terms.
ieee_terms Keywords assigned to IEEE journal articles and conference papers from a controlled vocabulary created by the IEEE.
is_number Internal issue identifier (Journals only)
isbn International Standard Book Number. A number used to uniquely identify a book or non-serial.
issn International Standard Serial Number. An 8-digit number used to uniquely identify a periodical publication (journal or serial).
issue Number of the journal issue in which the article was published.
pdf_url IEEE Xplore URL that returns the full-text pdf.
publication_date Date the article was published; this data can be represented as full date, month and year, or quarter and year. Format varies by publication.
publication_number A unique IEEE record number assigned to a publication.
publication_title Title of a publication (journal, conference, book / ebook, standard, course).
publisher Name of Publisher for the specific publication referenced.
rank Rank indicates the hierarchy of the returned documents based on an IEEE algorithm used.
standard_number Standard designation (e.g., IEEE 802.11u-2011). Standard designations are allocated by the Administrator of the IEEE-SA Standards Board New Standards Committee (NesCom).
Status of standard (e.g. Active, Draft, etc.); applies only to Standards.
start_page Starting page number on print version of article.
title Title of an individual document (journal article, conference paper, standard, Book / eBook chapter or Course)
totalfound Total number of documents found that match the query criteria.
totalsearched Total number of documents searched.
volume Detail associated with Journals and Conferences only.