API Query Basics

Structuring a Query:

The general structure for a search query is: https://ieeexploreapi.ieee.org/api/v1/search/articles?parameter&apikey=

Additional parameters may be included by appending &parameterfor each additional parameter.

All full-text artilcle retrieval (Ex: Open Access) requires article number as a parameter.

The default response is JSON. For XML append to the request. For JSON, append URL with callback=${somevalue}.


  • The API key you received after completing the registration process MUST be appended to EVERY query. You can find your API key under My Account.
  • All parameter values should be URL encoded.  
  • The order of parameters does not matter.
  • The Metadata API returns all available metadata records in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. This may result in retrieval of metadata outside of an existing individual or institutional subscription to IEEE Xplore.