API Use Case Examples

Use the API to "Get the data. Crunch the numbers. Gain the Insight.".

Here are just a few examples Xplore API users have implemented to improve their research productivity. 

API Use Case 1

We want to improve our speed of product research and want to use your API as follows:

(a) Search IEEE content using the API and create lists of relevant articles

(b) Download or obtain the articles identified in (a)

(c) Load the articles into our internal data mining software for analysis

(d) Create an internal database to store the data generated from data-mining activity

(e) Periodically repeat (a) through (d) to update our internal database.

API Use Case 2

We need to develop a new clustering graph allowing better visualizations of scientists working in humanities,economics and management. We want to create an analytical tool linking different researchers in these domains, so as to avoid bias representations one can have using only Scientific Browsers, especially favoring citations count over similar topic relevance. To achieve this project, we will focus on the way each author quotes other scientists in his papers in order to extract his opinion relative to the authors he quotes. That is why we would need data and metadata from scientific browsers as yours.

API Use Case 3

Our application will normalize and thereby simplify database searches for systematic literature reviews and systematic mapping studies. Citation paths will optionally be followed. The data will be saved in bibtex format and combined with search data from other databases. The application will initially run from a restricted web-site at James Cook University. If successful and useful, it may later be made available to other institutions (Australia).

API Use Case 4

Our application will search for papers published by teachers from the University of Politehnica Bucharest's, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, DCAE department and populate a PostgreSQL database which will then be used for the website. The goal is to automate the process because at this time, it's done manually.

API Use Case 5

This project aims to study the published research papers of research scholars from India and USA to give a comparative analysis between universities of both countries. This is done using Communication Network Analysis by forming graphs where vertices represent papers and edges represent relations. An analytical model to inspect network of research scholars and characterize ties among them through metrics like average citation count, average co-authorship count, in-degree, modularity, etc. using published research papers. We would be further expanding the project using the keywords and abstracts for some NLP tasks.


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